A semi-reverent project about Ontario’s bad intercity public transport maps

About this project

So, dude, what ARE we about? Well, we’re still trying to figure that out.

But we can tell you this, when we say we are trying to start a conversation about “bad intercity public transport maps,” well, that’s right: we are.

Oh, so you don’t know what we mean!?! By bad intercity public transport maps…well, what do you think it means? Whatever you’re thinking, we probably thought that too.

Are we talking about bad public transport? Yes. Unfortunately, that’s the reality that we’re living in Ontario and it seems to be getting worse.

Are we referring to bad maps? Yes. In fact, we target public transport service for which we cannot even find maps. So I suppose we’re referring to maps that are worse than bad…like so bad they’re not there bad.

By “bad,” do we actually mean good? Yes. And no. Mostly no. Given the dearth of cartographic attention, we have created a map. A bad map. Only that it’s better than what was there before. Which was nothing. As best we can tell. Which might as well be nothing.

Since only creating a map seemed a little…lacklustre…we figured that we would add some lustre to the lack: through this blog! Here, you can expect us to fire off some opinions about why we think that this is important. Many of these come down to us being two dudes without cars, trying to figure out how to overcome social isolation. But there are also other things, like social justice, and adding our two small drops in the please world, don’t  have a climate apocalypse bucket.

So with that, we’re off! Or are we? Dude, where’s that bus? Map?


Use this form to get a hold of us if you have anything to get off your chest. If you’re hoping to start a conversation, though, why not comment on one of our posts? That way, the wider community of bus map aficionados can get in on the action.