Like Minds: Transit Toronto

We, at dudewheresmybusmap, get by with a little help with our friends. Of these, the most friendly to date has been Transit Toronto.

We have known the folks at Transit Toronto for a few years, reliably engaging in transit banter by email and even collaborating on their site for a period. When we came up with the idea for DWmBM, we contacted Transit Toronto first for advice. Their response of combined encouragement and critique was enough to get us started and be prepared for a flood of foreseeable criticism after we launched. For this we remain indebted.

But Transit Toronto did not stop there in giving us a hand up; they also published a supportive boost to get us some attention and regularly reference our articles in “In the News” (e.g., on this day). We can typically tell when we have been referenced because our page views spike and Transit Toronto is the referrer.

Transit Toronto

We recognize that we are not trying to do exactly the same thing as Transit Toronto – unlike them, our geographic area of interest is larger than the GTA, we are unabashedly political, and we are not on the path of collecting and exhibiting an amazing collection of photographs. Nonetheless, we are clearly like-minded with respect to wanting to contribute to better public transit through the power of communication. And even though intercity travel issues are outside their main focus, Transit Toronto has done well to draw attention to issues that would have been off-the-radar for many people (like this wave of Greyhound cuts in 2010).

We figured that among bloggers, the highest form of flattery comes out in the form of a post, so voilà. Thank you TransTor, we do hope that we all get there from here!


2 thoughts on “Like Minds: Transit Toronto

  1. Thanks Robert, we believe in giving credit where it’s due and you’ve been a great help as we dudes got started with this project. The fight continues!


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