The government responds! Sort of……

Back in July, when we found out about Greyhound’s abandonment of Western Canada, I wrote a letter to my MP, Chrystia Freeland, not really expecting much of a response.

Good thing I curbed my enthusiasm. Last Friday, I got a response in the mail…..

“Dear Vincent, 

Thank you for your letter regarding the recent announcement made by Greyhound Canada to end intercity operations in Canada’s western provinces and in northern Ontario. 

Chrystia and our government share your concerns about the many Canadians who could be impacted by Greyhound’s decision. Many communities, especially rural and Indigenous communities, rely on bus routes for safe and secure transportation options for health care, employment, and other daily needs. The Prime Minister has asked Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, to work with the affected provinces and communities, as well as Greyhound, to try and see what paths forward there are regarding this issue. 

We are encouraged by the recent expression of interest by other Canadian bus carriers using different business models and equipment to fill some potential service gaps caused by Greyhound’s decision. We will continue to work with our government, business and civil society partners to find real solutions for affected communities. 

We will continue to engage with our partners and are working with the affected provinces to see what paths forward there are. 

As a constituent, our office values your input and takes seriously any concerns you might have. Thank you again for your engagement on this important issue.” 

That third paragraph sums up the response of governments of all levels to the Greyhound abandonment. Sit on their hands, continue to subsidize auto and air travel and I guess spend their time jumping in Uber from meeting to meeting? Bus travel is for weirdo’s anyway amirite?

More to follow.



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