About us

Yeah, we’re the dudes.

After years of wandering inefficiently through Ontario, it was while abroad that Shaun had his inspiration. Working in Lusaka (Zambia…uh, Africa), he discovered that the significant privately-operated, for-profit public transit system there was without a map. Then it hit him – neither does Ontario!!! 


Then about three years went by until Shaun met Vince. And they became Vinsshaun. Or Shacent. Or Puhakleaver. Whatevs. Here’s Vincent.


Vincent spent his formative years living in the vast 60’s inner suburban expanse of Scarborough (Scarberia for the initiated) and in spite of this, developed a love of cities, urban places, and transit. Navigating life in southern Ontario (as well as Northern Alberta and the British West Country) without a car led him to his epiphany moment: “Dude, where’s my bus map?”

Instead of continuing to rant incoherently about this over pints of craft beer, Vincent teamed up with Shaun to fix the lack of good intercity transit info in Ontario and thus, a cartel was born. Not a bad “Narcos” cartel, the good kind; where we’ve teamed up to bring you a bus map that’s less bad than the alternatives.